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A white label collection of 

luxury resorts and villas

A one stop integrated solution to assist you in navigating your personalised lifestyle and preventative healthcare journey

Bali’s largest integrated recovery centre with sauna, ice baths, outdoor pool and resort.

Creative Community

builder - Japan

Singapore’s first Longevity clinic


Management joint venture

Conversion of 10.000 square feet educational facility in Singapore to a proptech coworking space with 24 offices, café and event lounge.

Conversion and rebranding of

8 villas & apartments

API Technology linking hotel data to search engines and booking platforms.

Smart energy technology

solution for hotels

Residential development

company - Bali

Furniture sourcing and procurement company for real estate developers and hotel owners




an investment & solutions firm based in Singapore with deep hospitality expertise and focuses on creative real estate developments and Tech seed & series A stage investments throughout Asia.  We’re at the intersection of real estate, hospitality, wellness, technology, innovation and capital. We are an industry connector of likeminded companies and collaborators.


We find and work with collaborators that are disrupters in the real estate market by leveraging technology and smart solutions that bring real value to the industry. In addition, we plan real estate developments with talented designers and consultants and create businesses that are innovative and optimize value.



INSITU is a venture investment and solutions platform that leverages its network of hospitality venues and deep relationships to influence, redefine and evolve real estate developments, hospitality technology, emerging concepts and unique resort & wellness developments and brands. 


We capitalise on the opportunities to invest and partner with seed and early-stage companies and other capital providers for developments.


We are the go-to strategic hospitality venture capital platform that is ideally positioned to help companies and investors to navigate and succeed in this unique and often misunderstood asset class.


is to bring value to our partner companies and deliver superior returns to our investors by providing capital, connections and clients and proven business expertise to high growth companies across the hospitality industry. We are hospitality practitioners that partner with companies and other capital providers who see the value in having Insitu as their strategic investor and partner.


We test & research before we invest. Our team has years of combined sector-specific experience investing, operating, asset managing and advising co-working, real estate, wellness and resort businesses.


We provide insight and solve problems for investors, developers and family offices.

Insitu’s team has worked in Asia for over 25 years and keeps on bringing expertise to our collaborators and partner businesses.

Arjan De Boer

Founding Partner Insitu and CEO of Creative Leap - a luxury collection of resorts and villas

Founding Partner

Yuta Oka

Founding Partner Insitu and CEO at Staple - a soft developer & creative community builder in Tokyo.

Founding Partner

Jork Bosselaar

Founding Partner Insitu and COO of Creative Leap - a luxury collection of resorts and villas

Founding Partner

Naufal Ali

Based in the Singapore Office, Naufal leads the creative side of projects.

Director - Creative Projects

Billy Ko

Billy heads developments and acquisitions throughout Asia and Europe for Insitu & Creative Leap

Development & Acquisitions Manager

Ferry Tan

Ferry oversees MEP projects for existing hotels and resorts in Bali as well as MEP planning for Greenfield developments

MEP Director (Bali)

Satria Wibawa

Satria heads sales and marketing and social media for the Bali projects.

Sales & Marketing

Stephen Klyne

Stephen heads strategic and process planning throughout Asia and Europe for Insitu & Creative Leap

Strategy & Process

Cove 55

Advisory second phase development of 14 over water villas and facilities at Cove 55, Malaysia

Maua - Nusa Penida

Asset & financial development advisory to board of directors of a luxury villa resort in Nusa Penida – Indonesia

Tented Camp

Concept, master planning,development and management of tented resort in Uluwatu, Bali.

Maamagili Maldives

Repositioning and renovation advisory of 150 villa island resort in the Maldives.

Point ‘0’ Tokyo

Development of a 10.000 sqft Co-working space in Tokyo. A collaboration with mycity, a joint venture partner of Daikin.

Yangon Excelsior

Divestment advisory of city hotel in Yangon, Myanmar as part of a hotel portfolio sale.

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